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When I was outlining Wyno?, I wanted to join two of my passions, wine and Data Science, to find recommendations of new wines to taste based on similar expert critics’ opinions using semantic search.

The data is publicly available here and contains more than 120.000 tasting notes of different wines from the old and the new world from the Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

I used transfer learning to convert the tasting notes into vectors and then find the recommendations using cosine similarity.


On many occasions, we find surprising wines out of what…

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In it, will explore how reinforcement learning and more precisely the multi-armed bandit allows us to reduce the necessary time to assess whether or not a new website version is more efficient to increase the number of clients that are called to action.

Business context

One of the key aspects in marketing is converting the visits to our websites into a CTA (Call to action) from potential clients coming to our main page.

This is one of the reasons why an attractive website that favors this CTA

How to leverage the capabilities of HuggingFace for named entity recognition tasks (NER) using a custom dataset of financially relevant entities to fine-tune a pre-trained model.

Using NER at RavenPack

One of the key values of RavenPack for our customers is the ability of our products to deliver relevant information in real-time for their decision-making.

NER plays an important role in how RavenPack identifies these relevant aspects within a news story. Having prior knowledge of the relevant commodity, company or sector, to name a few, is paramount in providing high-quality information in a timely manner. In order to accomplish this, we maintain a database of around 300,000 and increasing predefined entities with 16 distinct types.

What happens when new companies, like Stripe, or currencies, like BitCoin, start appearing in the…

Francisco ESPIGA

Machine Learning Engineer @Ravenpack. Teacher @ESIC. Data Science enthusiast building a more interesting world 1 epoch at a time.

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