Using NLP to create an AI-driven book recommendation system

Project recap

The goal of the project and this series of articles is to walk the path of AI-based product creation, from the first baby steps to, progressively, building a more complex solution. …

Dimensionality reduction approaches for sentence embeddings

Being able to capture the context of a word or sentence provides insightful features for downstream tasks, like classification or named entity recognition. These context captures, called embeddings, are ubiquitous in current NLP approaches.

Using transfer learning, we can leverage pre-trained models created from a rich corpus of data, and…

How to leverage the capabilities of HuggingFace for named entity recognition tasks (NER) using a custom dataset of financially relevant entities to fine-tune a pre-trained model.

Using NER at RavenPack

One of the key values of RavenPack for our customers is the ability of our products to deliver relevant information in real-time for their decision-making.

NER plays an important role in how RavenPack identifies these relevant aspects within a news story. Having prior knowledge of the relevant commodity, company or…

Francisco ESPIGA

Data Science consultant @EUIPO and Teacher @ESIC. Reinforcement learning, optimization and AI enthusiast building a more interesting world 1 epoch at a time.

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